Year in and year out, the USSSA Wilson DeMarini Elite World Series has been the “Who’s Who of Travel Baseball”! If you truly want to see how your team stacks up against the absolute toughest competition in the baseball world at the zenith of all sporting venues, this is the ONLY event for you.

Given the long-standing history of this event as the “Grand Daddy of Them All”, it’s easy to see why people say, hands downs, the Elite is the pinnacle event for which all other travel baseball championships are measured!!!

There are two types of events to qualify for the Elite World Series.

SE30The Select 30 Super NIT's award berths to the Wilson DeMarini
Elite World Series and USSSA Points for pool play seeding. These events are scouted by National Scouts, Local Scouts.


SuperNITThe Super NIT's award berths to the Wilson DeMarini World Series and USSSA points for pool play seeding.